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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 13, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> this is chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. >> last week's oil spill in romeoville could have drivers all over the chicago area paying more at the pump. good evening, i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. our top story seen around the country. the unrealized cost of that oil spill. we're feeling it, or you're about to. tom negovan is live tonight. tom. >> reporter: there's still a lot of activity, you know, the spill has been stopped and it will take 3 to 5 weeks to clean up the bulk of the oil, and yes, the spill already pushing up the price chicagoans are paying for gasoline. into the night, under the lights, hundreds of workers continue the clean-up in
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romeoville. they've already removed the ruptured section of pipe. there's a 2-inch hole in the bottom. what caused the leak remains unclear, but over 12,000 barrels of an oil and water mixture have been captured so far. >> no one wants to know more than enbridge what has caused this incident. we do strive for 0 incidents. this concerns us and we take it very seriously. >> the longer term clean-up still needs to be investigated, the impact to ground water, how far it's gone into the soil, that kind of thing. >> reporter: what needs no investigation, whether this spill will hit chicago drivers in the wallet. it's happening already. depending on where you fill your tank, gas prices are already up between 15 and 20 cents a gallon, with room to go even higher. if you think it's no big deal, just talk to a chicago cabby. >> it become very scary for us. >> reporter: it's likely to get scarier still, unless another
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way can be found to provide oil normally carried by this pipeline, or to get this fixed fast and the crude flowing again. >> bottom line, this is a big deal, especially for the chicago area, because this pipeline feeds four of the major refineries that produce gasoline around this area. >> reporter: and because of this spill, analysts say gasoline prices in the chicago land area are going up, while the rest of the nation are going down right now, and have been the past week. enbridge, the company that owns this pipeline is also the company responsible for the major oil spill in michigan last month, and there is a report that it is investigating another small leak. it will be its third in three months in the area of buffalo, new york. >> tom negovan in romeoville, thank you. a hidden gun shot, brought for safety -- or i should say gun, bought for safety takes the life of a 12-year-old rows land boy, michael pierce, found by
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his mother lying on the basement floor. it appears to be an accident. the shot gun was legally purchased and was under lock and key but michael's 14-year-old brother apparently found the key. >> michael was a blessing to us 12 years. we don't know how we're going to make it without him. >> michael and two other children in that home had been adopted out of foster care. the gun was purchased for protection from break-ins. tonight the police continue to question michael's brother. on the trail of a motorcycles who barrelled down a pedestrian tonight on his bike. it happened on the city's northwest side just before 6:00 p.m. they say a man in the 50s was crossing his street when he was hit by a biker. a black suzuki gxf with flames was the bike. he got up and sped off. the victim is in the hospital with head and body injuries.
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one year ago, president obama's speech caused controversy. his message, telling kids to stay in school and studying hard. as lourdes duarte tells us. >> reporter: president obama is going back to school as well tomorrow. this will be his second speech to the nation's students. portions of it have already been released. he will tell students, quote, nothing is beyond their reach, as long as you work hard and stay focused on learning. it comes across as a very motivational speech, which will be delivered in philadelphia tomorrow. many schools around the country will be playing that speech during school hours, and you may remember that last year, it got a lot of attention, some criticizing the president for trying to push his political agenda on school children. in fact, in some cases, parents pulled students out of class to keep them from listening to that speech. this year's address though has not received as much attention. at naperville district, just a
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handful of calls have come in. all grades will be able to view it unless their parents say no. that seems to be the case at many schools tonight. here's what some of them are saying. the district in wheaton says, quote, we're going to treat it like a current event. parents will have the opportunity to opt students out just as they would with any other presentation. at bearington schools, a letter was mailed out to parents and said, quote, if the time of the telecast does not conflict with other scheduled activities, a teacher may or may not choose to show the program to students. and at downer's grove, we see it as an instructional decision by teachers, and we feel they know their classes best. that speech broadcast tomorrow at noon nationwide. at chicago public schools, there are no plans for in-school simultaneous broadcast. it is not mandatory, and individual schools can decide if they want to broadcast it or
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not. mark. >> lourdes duarte, thank you. the list of chicago politicians getting serious consideration to running for mayor keeps growing and growing. maria pathis told the chicago tribune, she quote is really really looking at it. she's one of the highest vote getters in county elections, right now running for fourth term as county treasurer. that election is in november. four virus cases reported in chicago land tonight, each involving people more than 60 years old. unofficially, there have been eight west nile viruses in cases of humans across the area, compared with just five last year. help is on the way for people hit with flooding in illinois. fema has approved millions of dollars in assistance. seven counties were declared disaster areas. federal officials have received registrations for aid. you can apply online.
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that deadline, october 18. too often, it's something you see in the news for just one night and never hear about it again. >> but acts of violence on chicago streets changes lives forever. how things have changed for one family two years after a 10-year-old girl was gunned down in front of her little sister. how the gas company plans to help out the families of dozens of homes taken out by the gas blast in california.
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umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. >> how it feels to lose an innocent child in a gang shooting. >> tonight, we continue our beyond the violence series with a candid look at how one family's coping with that loss two years later. wgn's gaynor hall is here with that story. >> reporter: when a chicago family loses a child to gun violence, usually we report the story on the news and you can read about it on the web or in the newspaper. but after the cameras are turned off and the headlines have faded away, those families are often left alone to deal with
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devastating grief. niquel fowler should be 12 years old, bubbly and smart. >> she'd be in the sixth grade. >> reporter: she'd be busy cooking and be a big sister. >> she had a beautiful personality. >> reporter: but what could have been will never be. this story starts on labor day 2008 and ends with a family forever changed. >> that day, if it would have been me out front, it would have been somebody else's mother. >> reporter: . >> it's the worst thing, it's the worst thing that could ever happen to you. >> reporter: it was the end of summer, niquel and her sister, valerie, wanted to go outside and play. valerie is blind so walking down 82nd and exchange, she kept her hand tucked in her big sister's back pocket. she bent down to tie valerie's shoes only to fall to the ground with a bullet in her chest. she took her last breath on the
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sidewalk, and valerie was right beside her. today, valerie is a curious 7-year-old. she's doing well in school. >> unos, dos, tres. >> reporter: but when she gets home, she can't sleep. there are the memories. >> she asks, well, what are they doing up there now in heaven. >> reporter: and for this entire family, a void that can't be filled. [crying] >> it's like your worst nightmare coming true. >> reporter: erica submit schmidt is a psycho therapist and says families caught in chicago's violence are forced to accept a loss that is so unacceptable. >> you're always weary and vigilant for something happening
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again. it's very hard to relax and to be calm and feel that the world is a safe place. >> reporter: niquel's mother and grandmother say they know what it's like to live in fear. >> i can't barely go out. they sit in front of the house. when they sit in front of the house. >> reporter: within days of the murder, tips from the community alleged to an arrest. the four alleged gang members and the family has since moved out of the neighborhood, but every time they hear of another child killed, it stings. >> these kids think it's normal now. this is every day. something happens every day, with killing, taking somebody's life is not normal. >> reporter: relatives still get together on niquel's birthday and on the anniversary of her death, in their own way keeping the girl's spirit alive. >> let you wear her clothes? that's what you miss about her? >> reporter: two years have
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passed since niquel fowler was gunned down at age 10. what's life like now? >> terrible, because i can't deal with death. i don't know how. it's hard. >> reporter: and we want to invite you to head online to to see more videos. you can also post your thoughts on ways to stop the shootings that are claiming so many young lives in chicago. mark and micah, the family is incredibly strong, and they're taking it one day at a time. that's all they can do. >> an arrest was made in that case? >> reporter: right. >> thanks, gaynor. the man behind plans for an islamic center speaking out. >> next, why he may not be making new friends with his nashs. wlap g@ñ@?x@o@?@÷úoññ@7pq@úñ
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>> it's the president versus the gop over taxes. president obama saying today, he's in a wrestling match with republican lawmakers over whether to extend tax cuts. president bush signed the cuts into law in 2001 and 2003, but they're set to expire at the end of this year. the president only wants to extend the cuts for couples who make less than $250,000 and individuals making less than $200,000, but the gop argues the cuts need to be extended for all income levels while the country remains in a recession. >> we can't allow this administration to demand that small business owners in this country pay for its own fiscal wrecklessness. >> what it seemed like was for about a decade there, middle class families were losing more
9:18 pm
and more ground. a lot of it had to do with the policies that had been put into place, which really boiled down to cutting taxes, especially for millionairs and billionairs. >> the president added, the country cannot afford to let wealthier people continue the tax cuts, insisting it has cost $700 billion. we want to hear from you. do you think tax cuts should be extended to the rich? you can text your vote or vote online at mayor rudy juliany was in town tonight. he made it very clear who he would be supporting in the senate race tonight. >> he's thoughtful and creative and willing to take on things that other people aren't willing to take on. so if there's any way that i can help, please call on me.
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thank you. thank you. >> guliani often called american's mayor, and surprised when he heard mayor daley wasn't seeking re-election. it's hard to imagine chicago without a mayor daley. the imam calls the notion a misperception, pointing a finger at a strip point and betting parlors that are also near ground zero. he blasted critics blaming the driving force behind the opposition is politics. >> let us therefore reject those who use this crisis and the sacred memory of 911 to achieve their own ends. let us not exploit the memories of the victims of that tragedy or the sufferings of their families and friends. >> the imam says the location is important because the mosque will serve as a platform where moderate muslims can be heard. in california, the gas and electric company says it now
9:20 pm
established a $100 million fund for victims of that pipeline explosion last thursday. it was caught on home video, killed four people, destroyed 37 homes. those pictures coming about four houses down from the initial explosion. there are questions, whether the disaster could happen elsewhere. experts say there are thousands of aging pipelines just like it across the nation. a 28-foot section of that san bruno gas main was blown out of the ground and on its way to washington for analysis. new information on what may have caused the destructive wild fires in colorado. they say they were both sparked by household fires. tonight, firefighters are working to control the blaze that destroyed at least two homes near loveland. crews are hoping to add the 10-square mile in boulder, that's been burning a week, destroyed at least 166 homes. >> taking a look at some of the stories in tomorrow's chicago
9:21 pm
tribune. homeowners struggling to finance, find out about the loophole about unscrupulous lawyers taking advantage of their clients. >> thousands of homeowners are needing to redo their mortgage are being turned away, despite good credit. public schools offer bilingual education to n3 and 4-year-olds who don't speak english. experts say it can catch them up before kindergarten, but can schools afford it. next, the first lady goes to the restaurant owners to take on nutrition. youth, sports and head injuries, which extra curricular is the most dangerous?
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>> the first lady is asking restaurants to help fight childhood obesity. urging restaurateurs to come up with healthier menu choices, like whole wheat pasta and less butter and cream in recipes. nothing drastic. >> could mean serving skim milk or make happy sides like apple slices and carrots the default choice in a menu and make customers have to request it. which would hurt me deeply. i'm a fried lover. >> she also loves apple pie. she says just tweak some of the recipes and keep the portion sizes in check. more college students are defaulting on their loans. numbers just released for 2008
9:26 pm
show 27% of all students defaulted on their loans. that's up 6.7% from before. a burst of bad news. average scholastic apitude scores for 2010 dropped in illinois. the good news is that illinois grads can outwrite their peers in the rest of the nation. they had the highest scores on the sat, tied with connecticut michigan and minnesota. in the past decades, math was up 17 points and reading, 14 points. president obama adding another book to his resume. president obama's inspirational children's book, i sing a letter to my daughter. 500,000 copies of the children's book will be released on september 17th, cost $17.99.
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all proceeds will go to a scholarship fund for children of fallen soldiers. we hit 88 degrees today but don't count on it tomorrow. >> tom says a little cooler weather pattern heading our way. >> and maybe some rain too. - so, what do you think? - eh, 30 days -- max. we'll see about that. glade lasting impressions. two complementary fragrances alternate to keep things... fresh day after day. and not just for 30 days. um... okay. our longest-lasting plugins air freshener lasts for 60. well, that lasted longer than i thought.
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you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer. >> it's so gorgeous these past few days. >> it really has been. we've got more days of easterly winds coming instead of the warm
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westerly winds in the days ahead but tomorrow will be pretty nice. we mentioned a shower tomorrow. it looks like it will pass south of us, got big storms out on the iowa missouri border tonight. there's a weather pattern shaping up and it will turn cooler in the week only to turn warmer by the end of the week. 73 such warm days so far this year, meaning we have about 26% more 80 degree days this year than in the past, and look at the sky today. when you get visibility in the horizon as sharp as that, you know the air is clean, it lacks moisture, it's dry. that allows you to cool off at night, but it makes for spectacular weather. the only problem or draw back is those of you with hayfever know that we've got high numbers there on the hayfever count, the allergies, and we'll show you those in just a moment. 86 at joeliet today, 84 at
9:31 pm
elgin. how's that, 84 in romeoville and 84 in buffalo grove. do you know at o'hare, we had an 82 today, an 83 yesterday. the highest temperature for the whole month has been 83. virtually every year in the 82 years we've taken observations have had a warmer reading than that, but who's complaining. 69 at midway airport, there's a plot of the temperatures in map form, as well as 63 in lombard. when you see dew points in the 40s, that means with light winds, which we have tonight, it's going to get a little bit cooler, and we have a little bit of cloud cover late in the day, just a patch there that kept us from being a 100% sunny day but it was darn close to it, and 68% of our possible sun this month. look what's happening to the south and west of us. it looked for awhile like thunderstorms that have been developing out that way might swipe us with a couple left over showers tomorrow. it now appears this area of thunderstorms is going to settle
9:32 pm
south of us. the reason these are developing is because there's 90-degree heat, and watch these things blow up in the last several hours. 90-degree heat pushing up into this area. tell never make it here because it cut the north air movement off. look at 97 today in dodge city, 86 in omaha, 89 in st. louis. there will be a jet stream along the south edge of that cool air mass, blowing along the whole northern tier of us states. that means this cool air will never come directly in here. it will be sheered off to the east before it arrives. we'll get a taste of the winds before it goes northeast and the weekend turning warm again. see the corridor right there, that's where south winds are hot and blowing into this cool air
9:33 pm
mass, and they hit this jet stream and that's why these storms are blowing up in iowa and missouri. as time goes on, these will settle southeast ward so they won't affect us. we have a beautiful day on the way tomorrow and as a front comes through tomorrow night, winds go northeast and we might pop a shower with that. it's wednesday night and thursday where we're getting big rain numbers and we'll have to watch that pattern closely. winds are north at 5, the humidity is 49%. here's the bad news on the allergy, mold spores high, rag weed moderate. folks suffering from hayfever tell me it's been an abominable year and had a lot of pollen in the air. this is the latest radar imagery. the tallest of these is 51,000 feet and it's this cluster that resides in northeast kansas, but we're getting lightning out of these storms going into west central illinois and you can see
9:34 pm
as we animate this that these things are eastbound and other storms that are developing to the southwest of us, but they stay away from us for the time being. that will not be the case as the week goes on. look at the 72-hour rainfa forecast, we g through no rain here. st the raito the westin the main system comes in here on western illinois. day ght and thursday. now, this thing will have thunderstorms and winds colliding to the south of us, and lifting up over our front so you have all the makings there of a pretty good rain. look what's going on in the atlantic. this has been advertised as a very active hurricane season. it has been. this is the 10th named storm and has winds tonight of 150 miles an hour, which means it's right on the border of category 5, the top intensity hurricane, and yet it's interesting, igor won't affect land, except maybe
9:35 pm
bermuda. it's an island and it won't affect the land of the united states, and so far we haven't had one single land falling hurricane season so despite the hurricane system, we've done well so far. that may not continue. we have a hurricane season that runs through november but it's good news for now. nearly 50 inland, 54 at o'hare and light variable winds. generous sunshine on tuesday, moderately cooler on the lake shore in the afternoon and all areas as a more organized northeast wind comes in tomorrow night but we could get up to 79 or 80 degrees before we fall back into the 70s and maybe 60s in the lake shore late in the day. winds will turn northeast there and all areas tomorrow night where it's variably cloudy with seasonal temperatures, down to 57 with a good brisk northeast wind assuring us autumn is not far behind, and it looks like we'll cloud over during the day wednesday, could have a shower late in the day and come down in
9:36 pm
buckets late wednesday and thursday morning, and cooler. but it won't last. >> the cool won't last or the rain. >> the cool, and either one. >> good. >> it'll be cool, we'll have rain come through doucing the area, and then it will go back up. there may be a thunderstorm later in the weekend. . >> thank you. >> you bet. still to come, concern over a so-called super bug. illinois residents have one of three known cases in the country. the generous gift gave her audience during the final season premier of her show. hey mark. >> the blackhawks charity tournament today, how'd you shoot. >> not bad. we had a great time, raised money for charity, and the hawks are ready to get on the ice, and in fact some of them have already. we'll have lovy's take not on the end of the game but how his team performed in it. i thought it was very interesting what he had to say.
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zie on the dance floor. can't get better than that. >> see you tonight in sports. >> in tonight's medical watch, it's here. the super bug hits three states in america. it's a bacteria that carries a gene to protect it.
9:40 pm
it's resistant to virtually all antibiotics. it's wide spread in india and now spreading all over the world. since no organization has taken a lead to track the super bug, no one knows how many people it's killed so far. it's typically associated with the bacteria that causes urinary infections. experts say mdm 1 named for its appearance in new deli will kill many more before an effective antibiotic is discovered. the bacteria in the gut is going hay wire from repeated bacterial. gut bacteria helps boost the immune system and researchers say they're worried early antibiotics may lead to immune related disease as children grow. more children grow up playing basketball than any other sport, and now doctors say they're getting injured at an alarming rate.
9:41 pm
traumatic brain injuries have shot up 70% among children who get hurt on the court. more girls get concussions than boys and ages 5 to 10 are at risk. older players and boys typically suffer fractures and lower extremities. if you think they've suffered a concussion, seek medical care. and go to the website for concussion care. you can do a base line test so you can check behaviors, for example, reaction time, and you can determine those before an injury and after an injury and see where your child is on that scale. >> if you know how their kid is, their personality, you can kind of figure it out. >> a lot of things unique to concussions, you don't know, so if you know the base line behaviors you can check them before and after. >> thanks. next, the bid over the stanley cup final finally gets paid off just before training camp begins. dan roan takes goes with the
9:42 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] era. tough on stains. easy on your wallet. ♪ [ mom ] game time is all about the traditions. it's all about the tackles and the touchdowns... and watching my boys do what they do. but for me, it's even more than that. game time is about our time. together. [ female announcer ] get low prices on all your favorites for the game. save money. live better. walmart. you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic
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9:45 pm
chicago sun times journalist, always stirred up controversy about athletes, faces troubles of his own. he'll be charged with seven misdemeanors involving his girlfriend. they include false imprisonment and grand theft. the new york jets football team dealing with more than the baltimore ravens on monday night football and their loss moments ago. they're accused of harassing a female reporter. the mexican journalist tweeted she felt very uncomfortable at jets' practice this past weekend. jets coach appeared to throw footballs in her direction. players called her out in the locker room. they're looking into the way she may or may not have been treated. special delivery today to dhl employees in chicago. before the blackhawks flyers stanley cup series began, a dhl executive in philly made a wager. the executive said he would make
9:46 pm
philly cheese stakes for employees in chicago in the blackhawks won. as you know, the hawks won the cup. so today, the executive flew out to chicago with all the necessary ingredients and made philly cheese steakss. >> yes, you heard right. australia, oprah win free surprised her audience with an 8-day all expense trip to australia. apparently these specific guests were for various reasons, her most prized viewers, john tra volta joined the shocking season opener. he's been planning that december trip more than a year they say. two episodes of the show will be filmed during the trip. she announced the very last episode of her show will air on her new cable network which
9:47 pm
debuted in january, and it's called what, own. oprah winfrey network. >> hello, mr. skilling, how are you. >> good. kind of wish i was in the oprah audience. isn't that amazing? >> every year she does it. >> i know. i tell you what else is amazing. this weather we've had around the area. gorgeous day after a gorgeous sunday . there are big rains coming down in west central illinois but they're southeast bound, not coming in this direction anytime soon, and it's like autumn in the north woods and north to canada. we'll get a taste of that tomorrow night. here's a 10-day forecast of the air mass movement. see how we sit astride this sharp temperature demarcation line? the blue is cold air, and the orange is hot air. look at this thing that comes down over the weekend and sweeps into northern minnesota, north dakota, and even upper michigan. we will get warm as that comes in, because it will turn our winds around to the south, produce a weather system that comes in from the west, and
9:48 pm
turns our winds southerly late in the weekend early next week. so we'll warm back up and not cool off until next week at some point. we have seven 80s left to go, history tells us, and there's a pretty good rain system coming too. generous sunshine tomorrow, rain out of the forecast. but wednesday, clouds over, there could be showers late in the day and there is a very good chance of downpour generating thunderstorms thursday night. it will taper to sprinkles and will end friday which will be beautiful, saturday is beautiful and a thunderstorm sunday as we begin to warm back up again, and we'll have more 80s for you, micah and mark, by early next week. >> fabulous . >> thanks. tonight's photos of the day segment is all about chicago pride. from the controversial bears' win yesterday to the mexican
9:49 pm
independence day, take a look at tonight's photos of the day. ♪ yeah . [music]
9:50 pm
>> you can find more photos on our website, >> they can set line ups and pitching changes, but who knew managers can dance. next in sports, we head to ozzie's charity on the biggest eve of the season. the cubs taking it to the rival cardinals. i love my curves. but the love i have for strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake and key lime pie, mmm, it threw a curve at my curves. so i threw it right back... with yoplait light -- strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake and key lime pie.
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try new zegerid otc. it's the first 24-hour treatment with two active ingredients: prescription-strength medicine plus a protective ingredient so it's effectively absorbed. for 24-hour relief, try dual-ingredient zegerid otc. >> you saw the play, was it a touchdown? >> i did -- well, i thought it was. >> i thought so too. >> i think everybody did, so let's move on. the nfl has, the lions have, and the bears certainly have. you would hope the nfl might allow its officials to use some discretion but they don't want that. they don't want any gray areas in the rule books, so what happens, calvin johnson at the end of the game yesterday was by rule the correct call, and if it happens again in some other game, it will still be the correct call even if it's not there, incomplete, move on. the bears' bright spot from sunday in addition to that one were mostly on defense.
9:54 pm
they were all over the place out there. the bears' offensive line got schooled but today all lovy could talk about was the vast potential of his team. >> you want to see just signs of what you can become as a football team, and we were able to see those signs. there were quite a few signs in both sides, offense and defense, signs of us playing some dominating football. >> really. tonight, mr. hard knox, rex ryan and the jets in their new stadium against the ravens. they laid a bad egg. magahe from baltimore, and they lose in the meadowland. unusual for the cubs and cardinals to play in mid-september. the cubs are all but out of it, but getting his first start in a long time and handling it nicely, marjo, pitched into the sixth, gave up only one run.
9:55 pm
he not only swung it, they are control in st. louis leading 5-1 over the red birds. nervous about the series tomorrow night hosting a salsa event tonight to benefit his foundation, but he's not tap dancing around the importance of these next three games. the sox know they just about have to win every one to get themselves back into the playoff picture. >> we're very well prepared for the series tomorrow. we know it's a big one and got to play the best we can. we know we've got to at least win the first to continue. >> i would like to be leading by now, but it is what it is, you still got a chance, go out and play hard. >> novak djokovic actually got a set off rafael nadal, but that's all he got. fourth set, nadal up 2 sets to 1, he's too good. novak djokovic did everything right but the points come out all wrong for him.
9:56 pm
a couple of service breaks in that fourth set and it's all over, rafael nadal at age 24 has already won a career grand slam. we were hanging out with the blackhawks today at sunset ridge, the annual four-feathers charity golf tournament. we assume dave bolen was wearing skates at the workouts. he was wearing flip flops on the course today. patrick sharp having his busy summer coming to close. still getting ready. brian campbell, one of the better golfers on the team. he's ready to take a rip at it like danny safard, one of the hall of famers there today. truth is, there's been enough golf and the guys are ready to play hockey. >> the summer's not been bad.
9:57 pm
we looked good, so we can't wait to get started. >> we are really to get out there on the ice, last week and this whole week, and i think that's going to help us and see some of the guys around and i think everybody's itching to get back out there to go back out to that thing over there. >> that's right, win another one. >> think how many people are disappointed in chicago tonight to hear patrick sharp's off the market. >> that's it for this monday night. i'm micah materre. >> i'm mark suppelsa, and i heard it. for all of us here, have a good night. @ ó
9:58 pm
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